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if I knew all the words

I would write myself out of here

6 August 1984
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This is the icon/graphics journal of neos. You'll find anything here, mostly icons but also Friends Only banners, wallpapers and eventually some layout or two. I will most probably be limited to my fandoms but if you're particularly interested in something you haven't seen on my icons, please feel free to suggest it and I'll consider it next time I'm making some. You might find me making icons of any of these things:

Boys With Guitars Jason Mraz. Damien Rice. John Mayer. Ryan Adams. Counting Crows. Hanson. Matt Wertz. Dave Barnes. Shawn Mullins. Ari Hest. Jamie Cullum. Gavin DeGraw. Goo Goo Dolls. David Gray. Jack Johnson. David Broza. Crowded House. Ben Harper. Granian. Howie Day. Matchbox 20. Matt Nathanson. Pete Yorn. Travis. Tyler Hilton. Vertical Horizon. Jude. Jack Johnson. Ben Lee.

TV Dawson's Creek. The OC. Desperate Housewives. Lost. Everwood. Without A Trace. Gilmore Girls. Sex and The City. Friends. Young Americans. ER. Ally McBeal. Northern Exposure.

People Paul Bettany. Emma Thompson. James Van Der Beek. Clive Owen. Juan Carlos Ferrero. Rafa Nadal. James Dean. Natalie Wood. Valentino Rossi. Josh Holloway. Nicky Hayden. Richard Quest. Kate Hudson. Patrick Fugit. Hugh Grant. Noah Wyle. Eric Close. Jordi Labanda. Poppy Montgomery. Adam Brody. Cameron Crowe. Jude Law. Kristin Scott-Thomas. Ian Somerhalder.

My 'ships Dawson/Joey. Harry/Hermione. Carter/Abby. Ephram/Amy. Bright/Hannah. Pacey/Andie. Ryan/Marissa. Seth/Summer. Kirsten/Sandy. Sam/Martin. Ross/Rachel. Luke/Lorelai. Jake/Hamilton. Jack/Jen. Neela/Gallant. Note: While I ship these people, usually with all my heart, I do usually make icons of other couples from the shows I watch.

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CREDIT in keywords, either neos or olderchests, I don't mind, as long as you credit.
COMMENT. Not just to know who's using what, which is always nice, but what's even nicer is feedback. I love to know which icons people like best so I can get an idea of what I'm doing right/wrong
DO NOT MODIFY the icons, even if they're textless bases. No resizing either.
DO NO HOTLINK. Save all graphics to your own server.

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I use PSP and most of my brushes, gradients, textures, etc come from
In-X-plicable Design
teh_indy, kamino, catchthedream
absolutetrouble, awmp, meleada
dj43, wound3d, kurogane
aconite, boogieland, nobodysbusiness
quebelly, crumblingwalls, ohpaintbrush
oilysheep, lipsofpoison, colortone
fluffy_monster, x_ohmyfluff, blimey_icons

Now, feel free to have a look and add me if you like what you see! :)


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